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In her solo show “A Trick Of The Light” the German textile artist Meike Legler uses various fabrics with a shiny surface and holographic fake leather that change their color depending on the angle the light hits them from. The way how light changes everything we see, may it be the setting sun that dips the landscape in golden light or artificial light that gives everything a sharp edge, is the inspiration of this body of new works. By combining these artificial fabrics with natural fibers such as linen and cotton the artist creates a contrast between the textures in her works and puts them in a dialogue in which they unfold their characteristics even stronger. In addition to the plain colored fabrics, Legler also uses scraps of wild patterned, bright colored handprinted fabrics from Ghana that are produced for an American clothing brand that gives away these scraps to artists and craftsmen in order to reduce waste.


“A Trick Of The Light” is an ode to light as a phenomenon that impacts how we perceive visible things and that has so many nuances in between the spectrum of bright or dark.

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