"I have always been a big fan of cartoons. Last year I started to deal with this subject matter also in the studio and I quickly realized that this source of inspiration offers me great opportunities for development. Various new ideas for my painting emerged, such as painting on flat screens, old tube TVs or discarded cell phones. All with the aesthetics of cartoons. Characters like The Simpsons or Mickey Mouse kept popping up in my work.I also tried my hand at stop-motion animation, inventing my own characters and "compositions" of the moving image. My subjects became more image-filling and larger over the last year, as did the formats. Wit and humor are omnipresent here, although I am not always concerned with narrative representation.I take great pleasure in presenting my work in a context other than the usual studio or white wall. I prefer a context that better suits the content of the images. With my car images, for example, it makes perfect sense to me to show them on the street. Vehicles belong on the street. I think it's comparable to children playing with toy cars. They form their own world in the children's room and the imagination does the rest.When these images are displayed after the tour of the city, they remind me of something like discarded race cars that have already done their job and can now be shown in a museum. They have experienced something that is now a part of the work. I like that idea."