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- a critical stance towards hyper minimalism -


In the past ten years a new term has been coined in international artistic circles; hyper minimal. The term refers to a new wave of minimalist artists, architects and designers. Mostly working towards an aesthetic point-of-view first initiated by art collectives such as the zero-movement (1961) among many minimalist collectives from the 20th century.


This exhibition takes a critical stance towards the current aesthetics associated with hyper minimal and its lack of value in a digital age, where we should be more concerned about this lack of human interference, the power we have given up to digital interfaces and the automated systems we are slowly implementing into our daily lives, without much of an ethical dispute. The gestural paintings here are introducing a somewhat more primitive addition to hyper minimal art and discusses its somewhat strictness and lack of anthropomorphic recognition. The human interference with its surroundings, seems to me as an inevidable force within our nature. The first exhibition of this series of works, was held in Paris under the title "Concerning the Hyper-Primitive" and consisted of a series of smaller paintings. Now this series has been evolved into multiple series of works, taking inspiration from early human expressions, cave carvings, gestural painting as well as the use of latest technologies; here our carefully designed modern desire for interacting with an interface.

/Johannes Holt Iversen 

Lascaux 1.3 beta.jpg
Fugl der spiser.jpg
Sonic Boom.jpg
Grinded Meat.jpg
Lascaux 1.0 beta.jpg
Inadequate Aquafresh.jpg
Floddelta (River Delta).jpg
Echo Boom III.jpg
Arteficial Delta.jpg
Ai Data Mining.jpg

Johannes Holt Iversen (1989)

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