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In my work I tend to work from the material and out first, having in mind the lineage of artistic creation and representation.

Currently I am investigating the duality between light, shadow and reflection now having undertones of dealing with the synthetic and artificial technologies -and reality in contrast to the organic, lifegiving evolutionary build systems such as the cappillary lung system or the circulatory systems in organisms; this often results in an object-based work, whereas not the figure itself only is important, but also the space and the viewer surrounding the figure has an important role to perform when engaging with the works.

In my practice I have been drawn towards illuminating natural and cultural occurrences such as paintings, banners, marketed products and the use of shapes and symbols.

My works can be abstract at times, but are always related to a real-world counterpart, often appearing from the use of high-tech materials; used in other industries such as retroreflection technology from the aviation industry, functional aesthetics from industrial plastic construction and chrome pigments from the car manufacturing industry.

I draw on inspirations in various fields; wether it be historical elements, like the early depictions from the Lascaux caves or other inspirations that comes from the fields of sociology, psychology, scientific methodologies and pop culture; all with a common denominator in using, disecting and understanding symbols, relics and human selfrepresentation; such as the anthropromorphic qualities certain objects contains. An ongoing fascination is in the 1980s philosophical terms ”hyperreality” and ”simulacra” from which original as well as copied representation and virtual representation merges into one, ultimately creating a fluidity in how we as humans are engaging with the surrounding world, wether it be in technology, scientifically or aesthetically; this has made a deep impact in my own approach to my work./ Johannes Holt Iversen, 31.01.2022

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