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Luna Lund Jensen primarily works with sculpture, installation, text and time-based media such as video and sound. In her ceramic depictions of unreal looking, upscaled sea slugs, the softness of the clay as well as the softness of the invertebrate bodies hardens into fragile figures - the tentacular shapes stiffening into a rigid pose of movement. The colorful ceramic glazes that cover their surfaces emulates a sensation of wetness, referencing to the slippery surfaces of these slimy animals but also to our own mucous bodies.

Lund Jensen’s practice investigates the boundaries of humanity and the relationships between humans and other species and challenges the narratives that drive our conceptions of the notions we use to classify and understand the world.

Through the use and rewriting of narrative plotlines derived from folk mythology, science fiction, biotechnology, interspecies relationships and other fields of interest, Lund Jensen weaves multiple strings into new storylines in an examination of the materials and participants in the story. Through this process she invites the viewer to examine how to use these newly written narratives as tools to think with.

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Luna Lund Jensen (f. 1992) er uddannet fra Det Jyske Kunstakademi i 2020 og bor og arbejder i Aarhus. Luna Lund Jensen er medstifter af det kunstnerdrevne udstillingssted Cantina i Aarhus, som hun driver med en gruppe kollegaer.