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"In my work practice I’m exploring the expressionistic and narrative painting. My approach is very intuitive and impulsive and originates from a huge urge to explore an imagery that balances between figuration and abstraction. The figuration is always present in my works but the abstraction (shapes, lines, surfaces ) is just as important. Everything is connected and overlaps. My process is very physical and tactile. I am present in the painting litteraly. Perhaps it’s because I have a background as an actor where I was used to use my body in my expression. Thematically, I work with the chaotic, destabilizing and incoherent, though in a clearly intentional ambiguity. I find great inspiration in the imperfect - which often results in random occurrences that are very important to embrace. At the same time, many of my paintings are painted directly on the raw, ungrounded canvas and if "mistakes" are made this cannot be changed again. It is a kind of subconscious dogma that I aspire to and forces me to consideration To me the most importent is that fantasy, physics and the narrative goes up in unity." / Martin Paaskesen

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