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Annika Nuttall Gallery presents: ‘Passing Colour’, a second solo exhibition by Manon Steyaert.


Steyaert’s latest body of work takes the form of a weekly rotating exhibition, comprising a series of canvas stretchers wrapped in layers of highly pigmented silicone, installed over two walls of the gallery space. These monochromatic, totem-like frames exist between painting and sculpture, using silicone as the dominant material that suggests the canvas of a painting, but also moves and folds in space, expanding outwards.


The playfully striped works in this exhibition investigate “in between’’ tones of colour; the colour palette working in harmony reflects notions of light and movement, passing through space and time. Each of the pieces is kinetic in how they move around each other throughout the duration of the exhibition; combining with others to form part of a whole, a shifting articulated ombre. The thought process for these combinations is shown in an accompanying series of gouache studies on paper.


The paintings test the role of the white wall space around the paintings on a viewer’s perception, and how it reacts with colour. The white spacing offers the viewers’ gaze some breathing space, allowing the eye to fully appreciate and digest each colour. The complicated chromatics represented throughout the exhibition suggest a sense of time passing, like a gradient of colour going from pale to dark, light to shadow, blending in or contrasting with the walls. 


This particular palette is noticeably muted, often used in domestic interiors. Steyaert wants to highlight the complexity of this palette, and allow the hues to be celebrated as more than just a way to avoid bold or statement colours. The artist thinks of these “in between” chroma as the most significant in her practice, as they are the hardest to mix, containing larger variations of pigments, therefore taking the most time to blend.


The rotating wall-based sculptural installation requires the presence of the body, bodies of the artist and the viewers; not only to physically re-hang, but to view the installation multiple times in order to activate the work. Colour asks us to gaze, to wonder, to take in and enjoy. 

Manon Steyaert (UK/FR)

Manon Steyaert (b. 1996, Belgium, nationality French)

Lives and works in London, England

Manon Steyaert is a French-British artist based in London. Steyaert’s practice is situated between the two worlds of painting and sculpture, able to create both wall-based works and free-standing abstract sculptures. With a strong background in fashion as well as art, the artist pays homage to both traditional and non-traditional mediums throughout her practice. Focusing mainly on the aesthetic quality of silicone, Steyaert also utilises canvas, scrim, wood and metal, consequently drawing on the visual language of both architecture and painting. Allowing herself to be led by the intrinsic qualities of her materials, Steyaert’s creative process is intuitive and process-driven. Silicone as a medium is one that requires time, attention, and immense control. Hand-pouring each sheet of silicone, the curing process alone can take days, and the finished form is as delicate as it is physical. In many of Steyaert’s works, the silicone is treated like fabric: draped and folded across its structural support, creating beautiful compositions that challenge our perception of what it is that makes a painting or a sculpture. As a result, movement, abstraction and action are core to Steyaert’s work. Her abstracted forms sit in limbo between two accepted modes of art, generating a unique space for curiosity and development. Colour and form work together closely within Steyaert’s work, guiding the viewer’s eye along the undulations of her chosen material. Making use of a wide variety of colours, often melding them together to create near-psychedelic patterns across the surface of the silicone, Steyaert’s work is simultaneously simple and meditative. In recent works, Steyaert has made us of metallic pigments, which flash and glare as the silicone is manipulated across the stretchers, interrupting the viewer’s gaze and drawing further attention to the uniqueness of both the colours used and material surface itself. The importance of materiality of Steyaert’s practice is undeniable. Alternative perspectives, interpretations and viewpoints are continually encouraged within the artists’ ever-evolving practice. Unable to be defined within ‘traditional’ boundaries of painting or sculpture, her work embodies the transgressive nature of conceptual and contemporary artistic practice.



2014-2015 Foundation – Central Saint Martins

2015-2018 BA (Fine Art) – Central Saint Martins

2018-2019 MA (Fine Art) – Chelsea College of Arts


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2023 To be titled, Solo show, Blue Shop Gallery, London, UK, June

2023 “Passing Colour” Solo show, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Denmark

2022 Group Show, Westbund Art Fair, Cub_ism artspace, Shanghai, China, 10th-13th Nov

2022 “Gestura II” group Show, Marie-José Gallery, Ldn, UK, 12th-24th Sept

2022 Group Show, Pictura Gallery, London, UK, 7th-9th Sept

2022 Group show, Entre Art Fair, Annika Nuttall Gallery, Copenhagen, 25th – 28th Aug

2022 Solo Series Launch, Artistellar, online, June 16th-26th

2022 “Metamorphosis”, group show, Salon Design, New York, USA, May

2022 “Works on Paper”, group show, Blue Shop cottage, online, April

2022 “Material World”, group show, Liliya Gallery, London, 24th March- 19th April

2022 “Between Emotion and Sanity”, grous show, Shanghai, China, March 12th- July 14th

2022 “Venomous”, group show, D Contemporary, Mayfair, London, Curated by enfant

terribles, January 18th -28th

2021“Realities”, group show, Artistellar, London, UK, December 2nd – 5th

2021 “Atmosfer”, group show, Nero Design Gallery, Arrezo Italy, December

2021 “Point de Vue”, Solo Show, Blender Gallery, Athens, November 4th – Dec 4th

2021 “Podcast exhibition”, group show, Hackney Downs studios, curated by The Artist

Contemporary, London 19th September

2021 Group show – curated by Karen Tronel, London, 6th-18th July

2021 “From a safe distance”, group collaboration, The auction collective, curated by Raen

Barnsley, 19th May - 9th June

2021 “Soft spot” – Group show, Eve Leibe Gallery, 24th – 31st May

2021 “Hétérotopie” – Group Show, Bubble n’ Squeak, Brussels, March – April

2021 “Becoming Habits: Chapter 3” - with Studi0, St Moritz, March - April

2021 “Noticing Colour” solo show with Annika Nuttall Gallery, Denmark, April – June

2021 “New Breed” group show with Gallery Nosco online, Nov 2020 – Jan 2021

2021 Group Show, London Art Fair with Eve Leibe Gallery online, Jan 20th – 31st

2020 “Curated for Christmas” – Bowes Parris Gallery + All Mouth Gallery, Dec, London

2020 “Interrupted Contemplation” solo show, virtual exhibition, Eve Leibe Gallery, Nov -


2020 “After Hours” (group show) – Bowes Parris Gallery Nov-Dec, London

2020 “Hexalogy” (group show) – PADA residency, 27th August – 29th

2020 “Summer Tracks” (group show) – Virtual exhibition, Programa Taide, 22nd July – 6th


2020 “Anti-Freeze” (group show) – Virtual exhibition, curated by Cassandra Bowes, 25th

May – 8th June

2019 "Ma Toile" (SOLO SHOW) - A Room Upstairs Gallery, 20th Nov-20th Dec (UK,


2019 "Misbehaving Surfaces" (SOLO SHOW) - The Who Gallery, J.lindeberg

showroom, 25th Sept-30th Oct (UK, Ldn)

2019 "off grid" (group show) - Cookhouse Gallery, Mar 21st (UK,Ldn)

2019 "MANON" (SOLO SHOW) - The Who Gallery, Not just another store, Mar 8th-

Aprl 8th (UK, Ldn)

2019 "13th Hour" (group show) - BSMT gallery, Feb 18t (UK)

2019 "Wicked Game" (group show) - Cookhouse Gallery, Jan 24th - 25th (UK)

2018 "E Pluribus Unum"(group show) - Cookhouse Gallery, Dec 13th

2018 "Obsessions"(group show) - Cookhouse Gallery, Nov 9th

2018 Degree Show - Central Saint Martins, May 23rd - 27th

2017- First Thursdays, Creative Debuts (group show) - Black & White Building



2019 Clifford Chance Sculpture Award  – Shortlisted

2020 Back Room Open Call – Shortlisted, Dec exhibition

03/08/2020 - 30/08/2020 PADA artist residency, Portugal 



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