Johannes Holt Iversen

"In my work I tend to work from the material and out first, having in mind the lineage of artistic creation and representation. Currently I am investigating the representation of light, shadow and matter; this often results in an object ..."

Martin Paaskesen

"In my work practice I’m exploring the expressionistic and narrative painting. My approach is very intuitive and impulsive and originates from a huge urge to..."


Katrine Kabel

"I work primarily with painting where I examine who I am and what I do. My starting point is my psyche and my..."


Aske Sigurd Kraul

"The changing state, the uncontrollable and the momentary are all conditions that are central to the experience of life and of the world. My work revolves around these conditions, both in..."

Martin Elsborg

"My artistic approach is inspired by the music wave “Grunge” that flourished in the early 1990’s. Characteristic for this genre was a raw and..."


Olivia Willman

"My practice moves in different ways around an investigative approach to chosen materials and what can be called the..."


David Rosado

"My painting, guided by the binomial Arte-Vida, cannibalizes, fragments and organizes itself in a three-dimensional and spatially rigorous installation, merging Painting with..."


Nicolò Baraggioli

"My work is characterized by its aspiration towards emotional detachment, towards antisubjectivity and coldness, proposing a peculiar emphasis on the object and its..."


Manon Stayaert

"Steyaert’s practice is predominantly based around the mediums of painting and sculpture, she aims to change the viewers perceived notions of each..."