Annika Nuttall Gallery presents Gewgaw Gimcrack by Lasse Bruun, Helene Due, Erik Hällman og Jesper Christoffersen. The exhibition is open from 09.02.2024-23.03.2024.

‘Gimcrack/gewgaw’ [meaning]: attractive on the surface but badly made and of no real or permanent value – or – a showy object of little use or necessity. Like a small piece of plastic waste, a used duvet cover, a pile of cardboards, a weirdly shaped wooden object or a displaced furniture. The gimcrackery in this exhibition is precisely and carefully composed individually by the four artists. They are wisely chosen, softly mounted, roughly narrowed and carelessly decorated. They are glued, cut, flipped, bleached, painted, washed, kissed and hugged. Nevertheless one would argue that these gimcracks have some kind of value or necessity when given by the artist and put in an exhibition space. The four artists each contains their own idiom that tries to explore found objects as a medium within the field of contemporary art. Common for the four artist lies a wish to not to use new resources from a planet that already suffers from overproduction.




Luna Lund Jensen, Lasse Thorst & Galatée Martin


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