Annika Nuttall Gallery is a contemporary art gallery. We work with both emerging and established artists and we are committed to promote art, in all media, to an international audience.

Annika Nuttall is the founder and director of Annika Nuttall Gallery. Annika Nuttall has a BA/MA in Art History and has been working close with artists since 2015.

Annika Nuttall Gallery was founded in November 2020 in Aarhus, Denmark.

André Wendland (DE)

Carsten Beck (DK)

Chica Seal (UK)

David Matthew King (US)

David Rosado (PT)

Erik Hällman (SE)

Galatée Martin (FR)

Helene Due (DK)

Jesper Christoffersen (DK)

Johannes Holt Iversen (DK)


Lasse Thorst (DK)

Lasse Bruun (DK)

Line Busch (DK)

Luna Lund Jensen(DK)

Martin Lukac (SK/CZ)

Martin Paaskesen (DK)

Manon Steyaert (FR/UK)

Mike Okay (DE)

Nicoló Baraggioli (IT)

Nina Bachmann (DE)

Nunzio De Martino (IT)

Oso Parado (MEX)

Peter Mohall (S/NO)

Ricardo Passaporte (PT)

Stine Deja (DK)

Toninho Dingl (DE)

Wolfgang Voegele (DE)

Johannes Holt Iversen

Johannes Holt Iversen (born 8 September 1989) is a Danish visual artist currently located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Herfolge, Denmark. In 2020 he graduated from the dutch art academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie under professor Frank Mandersloot and has previously been an apprentice of Danish painter and sculptor Erik Rytter (former assistant of Poul Gernes).

Martin Paaskesen

In his practice Martin is exploring the expressionistic and narrative painting. His approach is very intuitive and impulsive and originates from an urge to explore an imagery that balances between figuration and abstraction. The figuration is always present in his works but the abstraction (shapes, lines, surfaces) is just as important. Everything is connected and overlaps.

Manon Steyaert

Manon Steyaert is a French-British artist based in London. Steyaert’s practice is situated between the two worlds of painting and sculpture, able to create both wall-based works and free-standing abstract sculptures. Focusing mainly on the aesthetic quality of silicone, Steyaert also utilises canvas, scrim, wood and metal, consequently drawing on the visual language of both architecture and painting.

Carsten Beck

Danish artist Carsten Beck first museums show at Kunstbygningen I Vrå – Museum of contemporary art, Beck’s concrete universe, space and depth are replaced by calm figures that, together with the background, creates lively shifts between the painting’s levels. Here, the traditional perspective is broken, to create an even surface, that directly appeal to the viewer to pay attention.